We incarcerate children at a higher rate than any other developed country. Kids make mistakes — sometimes large, sometimes small. And every day in America, they can be locked up in stark, mismanaged jails and marked for life.

Fusion traveled across the country, gathering the stories of kids who grew up behind bars. We found children subjected to solitary confinement; mental health problems; physical and mental abuse; racial inequities; lives ruined forever at an early age.

We found a system that’s supposed to help kids, but often sets them adrift.

Presented by entrepreneur, music mogul and activist Russell Simmons and narrated by “Empire” actress Gabourey Sidibe, this hourlong documentary investigation, “Prison Kids,” is the result of Fusion’s work. It is a story about how to take children and ostracize them, derange them, outlaw them. It is the story of America’s crimes against children in collaboration with post incarcerated leaders from across the nation (The Incarcerated Nation Corp) and The Student Alliance for Prison Reform(S.A.P.R) screenings and panel discussions are available with speakers in every state  info@incarceratednation.org